Call Out Charges

Our call charge for appliances is £55.00 + VAT (£11) = £66.00*
This is the call charge and labour charge combined. Our van is fully equipped to fix most of your appliance repairs on site. The only additional charge would be for parts even if we have to return with especially ordered parts  *There is an additional charge for built in appliances, please see below.


Workshop Repair

Don’t want to pay our call charge? Why not bring your appliance to our workshop in Thetford and pay just £30 plus VAT (£6) = £36.00


Built-In Appliances

We charge an additional £12.50 plus VAT (£2.50) = £15 for built-in appliances due to the extra time required to uninstall and re-install the appliance. 

Don’t want to pay this extra fee? Have your appliance uninstalled for when our engineer calls and in a position for our engineer to work on it.

  • Note that electric and water would still need to be attached to the appliance and we will not reinstall the appliance. 
  • Please note this does not apply to built-in ovens.

Second Appliance Fee

Need us to look at another appliance while we are already in your home? Take advantage of our second appliance offer: 
Our second appliance fee is just £30 plus VAT (£6) = £36 



We offer a 30 day parts and a labour guarantee on all the work we undertake.